Transforming Your Self

The most powerful NLP model, the Self-Concept Model created by the late NLP legend Steve Andreas.

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What people are saying...

"Damon Cart has a much better understanding of how my self-concept model works than anyone else I've ever worked with. He has an unusual ability to grasp the depth and details of the methodology, as well as a lot of energy, vitality, and commitment. It is a pleasure to recommend his training."

Steve Andreas
Author, Trainer, NLP Developer

"Damon Cart first has a passion for learning and second a passion for learning NLP, he is both systemic and systematic in his approach. He is a master trainer and coach. He has made it a rule to learn from the best in NLP and to create an deep, wide and rich map of both conscious and unconscious approaches to change. Well, in short ‘Damon Rocks’, you will be enriched by learning from him."

Judith DeLozier
Author, Trainer, NLP Developer and Co-developer

"Damon is my NLP yoda. He just gets it--and has always been able to make it easily understandable for me. Not only has he been a teacher to me as an aspiring practitioner, but I have had the chance to have him as my coach. His insights are often profound. Almost with greed, I look forward to continuing to work with this talented, skilled practitioner--and the big things he can do for me."

Dr. Larry Burchett
Medical Doctor, Author, and TV Personality

What you can learn from this program

  • Discover your own unique way of unconsciously thinking about yourself so you can adjust and improve it
  • Discover the 4 elements that make the self-concept powerful
  • Discover 6 criteria that create an effective and durable sense of self so that you have greater self-esteem and confidence without self-consciousness
  • Refine and redesign the aspects of your identity to become who you want to be
  • Build an entirely new desired quality of your identity that will guide your behavior unconsciously without effort
  • How to create a strong, rock solid sense of self so that you can manage any situation any time, anywhere effectively and confidently
  • Radically Transform your life and increase your feelings of self-worth

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