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Do you find yourself seeking outside validation for your self-worth?
Does your confidence and self-esteem seem to come and go randomly?
Would you like to have more purpose and meaning in your life?
Are you 100% satisfied and fulfilled with your life the way it is?
Would you like to make personal changes painlessly and effortlessly, tap into your greater potential, and become the you you know you can be?
NLP GYM’s Transforming Yourself teaches you how to become your ideal self better than any other course available today!

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Just for attending the webinar, you will get my Advanced Sensory Acuity & Calibration online training as an extra bonus at the end!

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What Can This Webinar Do For You

Discover your deepest, unconscious values that drive every decision you make, good or bad

Learn simple focus techniques to guide you to who you want to be EFFORTLESSLY


This Webinar Is For You If...

You do not feel 100% content and fulfilled with your life the way it is

You are fulfilled but know you could become and have even more

You compare yourself to others

You feel like there is a gap between who you are and your ideal self

You want to turn painful mistakes into advantages

You want more meaning and purpose in your life

You want better confidence and self-esteem

What Can This Webinar Do For You (Even More)

Build confidence and self-esteem (not by tricking your mind into believing you have it) with results that are measurable!

Find out why affirmations aren’t working for you

Steve Andreas
Author, NLP Developer, Creator of the Self-Concept Model

"Damon Cart has a much better understanding of how my self-concept model works than anyone else I've ever worked with. He has an unusual ability to grasp the depth and details of the methodology, as well as a lot of energy, vitality, and commitment. It is a pleasure to recommend his training."

About The Coach

     Damon Cart is considered to be a natural talent by some of the top personal development teachers in the world including being mentored by NLP legend Steve Andreas.

His approach to guiding and teaching students brings to their awareness what they're already doing well so that he can map their strengths over to the areas they want to improve. He also empowers them to cultivate skills and inner resources to thrive and reach their full potential. 

His specialization is transformation at the identity level, which creates major breakthroughs for his clients whether it's overcoming limiting beliefs or even just minor obstacles. Creating lasting change for his clients is always the goal.

He also brings a wealth of personal experience and authenticity to his practice making him easy to relate to and inspiring to his students and clients.


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